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The North Texas Mutual Aid Coalition is a collective of mutual aid organizations that have come together to provide essential resources and information to our communities



Give direct monetary aid through

DFW Mutual Aid

Cash App:






Financial aid request through DFW Mutual Aid

Update 1:30pm 2/3:

Aid requests paused for the time being until more funds

can be raised

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Rock N’ Roll Hair
4340 Western Center Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76137



Maroches Bakery
1227 Davis St
Dallas, TX 75208

Charlie’s Star Lounge
4319 Main Street
Dallas 75226

Sunrise House
5749 Gaston Ave
Dallas 75214

2633 Ferris St
Dallas 75226

Welcome Stranger Tattoo
1918 Skillman St
Dallas, TX 75206

Fort Worth

Acute Salon
954 W Rosedale
Fort Worth TX

Text 940 268 5867 for address



Fair Park Automotive Building

1300 Robert B Cullum Blvd

Dallas, TX

3014 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219

1702 S Cesar Chavez Blvd
Dallas, TX

1010 First Ave
Dallas, TX

Fort Worth


The Rail Club

3101 Joyce Dr.

Fort Worth, TX

Fishers of Men

2100 Vaughn Blvd

Fort Worth, TX


Salvation Army Denton

1508 E. McKinney St.

(940) 566-3800, TX 75219




General Tip:

  • Be in contact with one person regularly. Make sure they know how to contact you and what your situation is. 

For Your Home:

In advance:

  • Tape/seal windows to stop drafts/cold air from entering

  • Fill empty jars/milk jugs with water

  • Cover outdoor faucets/wrap pipes in pool noodles/duct tape/bubble mailers

  • Let indoor faucets drip

  • Charge up electronics, put fresh batteries in flashlights

  • Have a box of food/water ready if you lose power and need to move to one room

  • Fill your car with gas


If you lose power:

  • Stay in one room with doors closed and towels under the door

  • If you have a tent - use that in room as well 

  • Try not to use the stove for heat as it’s dangerous - instead, use blankets, sleeping bags, warm winter coats

  • Wear layers - keep feet and head covered

  • Okay to use battery-powered space heaters but do NOT use camping/gas stoves

  • Have/use baby wipes to wipe yourself down


If you plan to travel/drive

If your vehicle is frozen:

  • Pour hand sanitizer/rubbing alcohol on frozen car doors

  • Pour hot water on frozen car doors (NOT on windows)


On the road:

  • Drive very slowly

  • Drive smoothly - avoid jerky movements or slamming on the brakes

  • Start braking earlier than usual and leave a lot of space between cars

  • If you hit an ice patch and start to fishtail - don’t slam the brakes! Ease off the gas and keep your wheels pointed in the direction you’re going


Supplies to have in your car:

  • Blankets

  • Food/snacks

  • Bottled water

  • First aid kit

  • Shovel

  • Extra coats

  • Hats/mittens

  • Rope/chains

  • Salt/kitty litter/sand


If you get stuck

  • Take out car mats and put them behind the wheels for traction

  • If you have two people - have someone on the gas while the other is in the back pushing the car

  • Throw anything heavy in the trunk

  • Use salt/kitty litter/sand to melt ice around the wheels

  • If you can’t get out - call for help and remain in the car until it arrives


If you're outdoors:


Keeping warm


Fill a water bottle with hot water:

  • Use insulated water bottles (like Nalgene)

  • Avoid plastic disposable bottles (can melt)

  • Place in sleeping bag near core/inner thigh


Hand warmers: place near arteries




Signs of hypothermia:

  • Slow, thready pulse

  • Confusion, memory loss

  • Erratic behavior

  • Drowsiness, exhaustion

  • Slurred speech

  • Loss of motor function


What do to if someone is hypothermic:

  • Call 911

  • Check for pulse for up to one minute (check carotid pulse as it may be too weak to feel in extremities)

  • If NO pulse found, begin CPR

  • If pulse FOUND, begin warming up: wrap in mylar blanket or tarp and cover front and back with blanket, sleeping bag to fully encapsulate and insulate. Use hot packs on armpits, neck, groin without direct skin contact



Food Not Bombs Dallas

IG: Foodnotbombsdtx

T: @FNBDallas E:

Provides warm meals, clothing, and water. Free pantry 3503 Spring Ave, Dallas 24/7


IG: protestmomdfw

T: @protestmomdfw

Mutual aid for the unhoused, warm meals, tarps, cold weather supplies, heaters, medic services, transportation

Sunrise Movement Dallas

IG: sunrisemovementdallas

T: @sunrisemvmtdtx

Young people combating climate change and racial and economic injustice to create a more livable Dallas, fundraising, facilitating, mobilizing, collecting donations for many orgs

Cooperation Denton

IG: cooperationdtx

T: @CooperationdTX


Communalist org organizing an alternative societal infrastructure of neighborly interdependence, resilience, and street-level direct democracy, fundraising, logistical support, mobilization

Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club

IG: elmforkjbgc



Autonomous mutual aid & community defense collective, snacks, tarps, warm clothing, rides

Sandwich Sundays

IG: dallassandwichsunday

T: @DallasSSunday

Providing food and supplies to downtown Dallas

Say It With Your Chest

IG: sayitwithyourchestdtx

P#: 469-573-3513

Black woman-led anti-capitalist org provides Houseless aid: weekly laundry and many other services

Cats of Deep Ellum

IG: CatsofDeepEllum

Independent cat rescue for community cats: TNR, vets, foster/adopt, community outreach and education, pet food, low-cost vet info, boost, kitchen

Food Not Bombs Denton

IG: dentonfnb

T: @DentonFnb

F: /FNBDenton

Provides warm meals and other aid


IG: sra_dfw


Mutual Aid and Community Defense, warming supplies, monetary aid, transportation, meals

Feed the Revolution_Dallas

IG: feedtherevolution_dallas

C: $feedtherevolutiond

Community org that educates and provides resources for healthy and conscious living, hot meals, multiple kitchens

Dallas Liberation Movement

IG: dallasliberationmvmt

T: @dlmvmt

Black + Brown-led anti-capitalist mutual aid collective, groceries, meals, water, and direct monetary aid, also funds, mobilizes, and supports for other orgs

​Street Medics Dallas



T: @DallasMedics

Volunteer-run org providing preventative care and treatment, transport, water, hot hands, basic first aid 

North Texas Rural Resilience

IG: ntrr4yall

T: @ntrr4yall E:

P: (903) 468-2402

Rural queer-led abolitionist harm reductionists, food, medical supplies, clothing, other aid

DFW Mutual Aid

IG: @dfwmutualaid

Non-hierarchical grassroots mutual aid collective, provides physical and monetary aid

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